Delivery Structures

LIWA advocates for a Triple Helix model in its approach to brokering engagement between Industry-Academia-Government Linkages.

The triple helix framework, a collaborative advocates for the effective interaction between universities, industry and government. The tripple helix becomes manifest in the establishment of strategic partnerships inform ofn technology transfer departments at universities, the creation of incubators and innovation for technology based industrial enterprises, and the establishment of science parks by governments.

Rapid changes in technology and market conditions are calling for higher innovation rates and shorter lead times for the development of products and processes. So, the strategies pursued by enterprises to accelerate innovation processes now include outsourcing R&D; activities and informing strategic co-operations.

In our Triple Helix Approach, through LIWA’s platform, it is anticipated that higher education institutions will transform themselves into entrepreneurial universities, their capability to transfer technology to industrial enterprises will increase, which leads to partial superposition of the functions of universities and industry in a process of research and innovation supported by the Government’s enabling environment.

Triple Helix Approach