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Attachment / Internship Hustle

Landing an attachment /Internship can be depressing being a course requirement in most higher learning institutions for students before graduating.

Just like any other University/TVET student I thought getting an internship was just a hello away. The thought of going to the corporate world for the first time hit my mind riding me to my imaginary world of how I was going to be part of that great team, how I was going to relate with the new cute faces and at least have a chance to showcase my skills while learning and building my career.

After sending dozens of applications to ICT/IT firms I came across, I was never lucky to have a view of how beautiful the Interview room looks like and how freezing it is from the inside as I had to face the nicely dressed Interviewers who would ensure I was frozen to death.  I had to toss all these beautiful expectations to the ocean when reality dawned on me.

After three months of no response from the Industry, I decided to visit random industries but I was never allowed to see HR without booking an appointment. I had to leave handwritten letters with the security guards who promised me a call back from HR. Some days I thought of dressing up off to the stage and follow any person dressed in official attire and just plead with him/her to take me to the organization he/she is working for and ask the ICT/IT department to give me a chance to interact with the real server or just the real network topology setup and take me through the 3 months of Industrial skill-building.

After months of serious search my winter days shortened, I was given a chance to see HR and on the same day, I was interviewed by both the Human Resources manager and the head of Information Technology (IT). That was how I landed my first-time internship.

Share with us how you landed your first-time Internship/Job, the struggles you went through plus the success story.

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