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Industry-Academia Linkages

A lot of research has been done on Industry-Academia linkages. The two parties are complaining about the skills gap and skills mismatch. Now that we know where the problem is how can we bring the two onboard and find a permanent solution to this?

LIWA is at the forefront of creating, institutionalizing, and strengthening linkages between Industry and Academia. We have done these through creating the following Industry-Academia programs:

Apprenticeship Program

We have facilitated linkages for different apprentice projects by bringing Academia (TVET’s and Universities) training on specific skills and Industry on board to help bridge these gaps. The project in return benefits both the Industry and Academia through giving trainee/graduates Industrial exposure, highly skilled graduates, and productive employment upon completion of training which also helps in job creation and increased productivity and efficiency with less expenditure in retraining new staff.

Industry-Academia Engagement Forums

This is a forum that helps share Industry-Academia best practices in Research and development, Innovations, Sensitizing youths and graduates to a multitude of career opportunities, sharing of ideas, and partnership opportunities.

Dissemination of our research findings on measuring Industry-Government-Academia interactions on skills for employment brought the three onboard. More ideas were shared which will help facilitate the development and scaling-up skills among youths to spur national cohesion and improve the employability of graduates.

We partner with the industry to facilitate Student Innovation Expos. During these Innovation expos, students are always advised by the judges on how to improve their projects, protect their intellectual property, and also how to commercialize them.

Would you like to partner with us and help bridge these skills gaps? Kindly contact us through: or call us on +254 202 323 389



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