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The Establishment of Training Center in The Field of Energy

THE FRENCH MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Kenya Limited, THE FONDATION DE FRANCE, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC FRANCE, Linking Industry With Academia (LIWA) Programme Trust,  PC Kinyanjui Technical Training Institute hereinafter referred to as the “Local Partner

The Parties, by way of mutual collaboration, aim to facilitate and introduce the following:

  • The enhancement of PC Kinyanjui Technical Training Institute offering courses in the field of energy;
  • The establishment of academic-industry links through a combined theoretical and practical training curriculum;
  • The participation in the design of frames of reference for training and the study of new approaches in teaching methods;
  • The enhancement of training programs based on an accredited curriculum to educate previously disadvantaged youth in the field of energy.
  • The enhancement of teaching of Kenyan teachers to enhance their skills levels.

LIWA Obligations:

  1. As an industry-academia-government link, LIWA is required to coordinate the selection of the training center physical location, the development of the Occupational Standards and Curriculum of the Training Centre.
  2. LIWA shall work with CDACC to ensure the curriculum offered equates to Diploma Level in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and meets the quality and relevance standards set by industry and relevant associations.
  3. LIWA will receive quarterly reports on the number of students trained and act as the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Lead.
  4. LIWA will act as a point of contact for the launch event, including inviting all parties to the launch event and coordinating all event arrangements to deliver a successful launch event to increase the visibility of the Training Centre in Kenya.
  5. LIWA will establish a stakeholder engagement platform for renewable energy and energy efficiency consisting of; specialists from the energy efficiency and renewable energy sector. The objectives of the advisory committee will include; (I) Informing occupational standards for renewable energy and energy efficiency (II) Developing of curriculum for renewable energy and energy efficiency and PRESENTATION FOR validation TO CDACC (III) Developing assessment tools and train the trainer programs (IV) Promoting a “work-integrated learning” framework for the Local partners.


LIWA has developed formally acknowledged, nationally integrated and government endorsed structures called Sector Skills Advisory Committee (SSACs). Welding Instrumentation & Control Heavy and Light Machinery

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KeNoMo (Kenya Norway Mobility)

The objective of the project is to establish a long-term collaboration between the faculty of Computing and Information Management at KCA University, Network partner University

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