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Who we are

Linking Industry With Academia (LIWA) is an organization with a track record of brokering relationships between the Private Sector, Government, and Academia (Universities, TVET and Research Institutions). These Linkages promote relevance, quality of education, skills development research, and innovation for socio-economic development.

LIWA provides the necessary information and delivery structures to facilitate partners to identify the best win-win strategies for engagement and provides a roadmap for Industry-Academia and government interactions. As a matchmaker, LIWA bringing parties together, as a driver of research, innovation, and skills development. LIWA also plays the role of a facilitator working to cut through red tape, towards a better alignment between the supply of qualified graduates and the demand for these workers in the business and industrial sectors. Skills Development, Education enrichment, and Research & Innovation in East Africa.

Our Values​

Our values are how we accomplish our goals.



LIWA is committed to promote and facilitate research, Innovation creativity, and excellence in training and education.



LIWA is constantly looking for novel and innovative ways to broker knowledge sharing and partnerships.



LIWA proudly upholds the values of honesty, truthfulness and sincerity, while remaining fair and ethical in even the most difficult situations.



The success of LIWA is largely dependent on the engagements we forge, therefore we interest ourselves in forging long-term relationships.



LIWA believes that a strong moral and ethical code is a key component in earning trust both internally and externally. LIWA seeks to ensure that all aspects of its organization including its people, ideas, functions, and outputs – uphold the highest possible professional competency and responsibility. LIWA is steadfast in practicing and observing the ethical and moral principles set out in our values statement.



Reliability is the overall brand promise at LIWA. Our mission is to deliver value to our stakeholders by providing efficient and reliable solutions in Linkages in areas of Knowledge management, Innovation, Research, Skills, and Education.

Our Mandate

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Small classes, excellent teachers

LIWA’s mandate is to create and institutionalize linkages between Academia and Industry development in areas of Research, Science, Innovation, Skills, and Technology. In so doing LIWA seeks to strengthen the quality and relevance of:

  1. Joint Industry-Academia programs development.

  2. Research and Innovation production and scholarship.

  3. Student and faculty engagement with the Private sector.

  4. Supplementary Accreditation.

  5. Competency-Based Training (CBET) and entrepreneur education.

  6. Innovation and Technology Transfer.

  7. Academic and industry data analytics, graduates employability

Meet our leadership team

CEO: Prof. Ddembe Williams

Prof. Ddembe is championing the organizational transformation and developing research and innovation in computing disciplines, while at the same time providing leadership in Innovation, Research & Development, and Strategic Linkages that will advance knowledge and Research and drive change at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Currently serving as Professor of Complex Systems Modelling at the University of Nairobi.

Director: Prof. Esther Koi Tirima

Prof. Koi has an accomplished career demonstrating consistent success as an Educator and Administrator at higher education levels. She is seasoned in conceiving and building academic programs from the ground up through proven competencies in crafting policy, administration, project and program management, and faculty and staff development and empowerment. Currently serving as the vice-chancellor of Cavendish University Uganda.

Director: Prof. Robert Gateru

Prof. Gateru has published in international journals and won various scholarships as well as research and institutional grants, the most recent being a grant worth over KShs. 46 Million for Kenya Methodist University’s (KeMU) partnership with the Kenya ICT Board and two other international partners to set up the National Centre of Excellence for Business Process Outsourcing/IT Enabled Services (BPO/ITES) training.Where he served as KeMU principal Nairobi campus. Currently serving as the vice-chancellor of Riara University.

Director: Eng. Kelvin K. Sing’oei

Mr. Kelvin K. Sing’oei is the Regional Executive Director of IBIMA Africa – International Business Information Management Academy and the Education Coordinator of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE) Kenya Chapter. An electrical engineer by training, he has extensive experience in research and consulting experience in the ICT, automation sectors and linking research to practice. He holds a B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and is currently pursuing an M.B.A. at the University of Nairobi.

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