Strengthening linkages deepening the role.

Creating Sustainable Linkages between Academia, Industry and Government.

Linkages Information and knowledge Management System (LINKs)

Links is an open platform for linking and providing information and supporting knowledge management related to industry Innovation and academic research needs. The system is driven by a knowledge management database capable of branding on linkages and research and innovation in Kenya. The system with an intelligent interface shall provide an ecosystem for identifying industry competence-based occupational standards, research and innovation activities and skills gaps.

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june, 2023


News and press releases relating to LIWA: our people, business, and product launches.

Launch of KEFEP’s Analysis report

LIWA Programme Trust glad to be a part of the official launch of KEFEP’s Gender Analysis Report at KTTC this morning. Dr. Kevit Desai, PS State Department for TVET, giving remarks to officially open and launch the report. Be actively

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5 Tips for Students before Graduating

Be actively involved in career building workshops Most industries tend to be part of career building workshops, take this opportunity to showcase your innovative projects and skills to the industry. Through your participation they will see your potential, and some

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Attachment / Internship Hustle

Landing an attachment /Internship can be depressing being a course requirement in most higher learning institutions for students before graduating. Just like any other University/TVET student I thought getting an internship was just a hello away. The thought of going

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